New Volumes x Megan Morton

Celebrating the simple things in life and Elba’s Greek heritage for the New Volumes Sydney launch event.

As with everything else Artedomus has done with New Volumes to date, the Sydney launch event will be a similarly epic affair. Going far beyond the expected and instead, creating a multi-layered event campaign that celebrates the history of marble. Guided and conceived by Megan Morton, with photography by Dieu Tan, this special collaboration will culminate in November at the Artedomus showroom.

In Megan’s words — “New Volumes pushed the boundaries of a single material in its inaugural collection, so we wanted to do the same to celebrate its arrival to the Sydney market.

The irony of marble is that it has been the material of peasants since the early 18th century, used to keep the pastry cool. Taking our lead from marble’s purity and practical roots, pre-baked and bread varieties are used cheekily to prop each piece but also help demonstrate scale. Half and full baguettes to show a tables height, a loaf baked to fit inside Marsha Golemac’s Spomenik vase can give the viewer an instant idea of what power, presence and potential the pieces hold.”

Alongside the images, which will be hung like fine-art prints in a gallery, 2 short films have also been created. Sharing the various techniques of making bread using nothing but bare hands, flour, water and a rolling pin on the Wyrie dining table designed by Nick Rennie.

Morton continues – “There is an inherent innuendo when you realise how sensual the act of baking bread for someone is, so the campaign seemed to art direct itself. Using raw materials in basic ways for a new way to consider Elba”.

The result is a carb-loaded series of contemporary, fine-art photographs, a PG and not-so-PG short film and an event that showcases the collections’ purity of design, while giving a wink to its birthplace and demonstration of capacities.

Photography & Video: Dieu Tan
Art Direction & Styling: Megan Morton

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